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Cape Cod

Cape Cod. I moved there when I was 22, have moved away from it several times, always to return. I consider it home. It is the place in my life that I best know and love: the tides, the wildlife, the seasons, and the wild winter weather. I moved to Taos, New Mexico in the fall, 2013. I spent the winter on Cape Cod, 2020 and plan to return annually.

moonrise over saltpond
moon in river
Dusk at salt pond
where I fell
Hemenway Landing, high tide
red boat in ptown harbor
foggy day on Brewster flats
red sail at low tide
blue sky trawler at race
Columbia, blessed
longpoint from Dolphin VIII
truro cottages
roses at talassa
bluesky trawler with monument
Dutch boat leaving Ptown Harbor
jealousy green
tidal flats
summer tide on the bay
Orleans Clammer
right whales with monument
tidal river at rock harbor
fort hill view
fort hill view
whale power
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