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Painting at the Rio Grande Gorge Cliff.j

About Laurie Celine Balliett


Laurie Celine Balliett is a contemporary landscape painter who lives in Taos, New Mexico. She fell in love with it back in '02 and traveled there annually until she located there in 2013. She began painting in college while earning degrees in philosophy. After a long hiatus, she returned to painting seriously in 2008, when Maggie the elephant sparked her muse. Maggie moved from the Alaska Zoo to the Performing Animal Welfare Sanctuary in CA. Laurie spent a month at PAWS in 2008 in the elephant barn and wrote "Maggie Remembers," a kids' book. In 2009 she went for a two-week visit to Taos, and stayed for five months, painting daily with local Plein-air artists. She relocated from Cape Cod to Taos in 2013.


Laurie Celine at Desert Dolphin Art Studio:


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